Felt compelled to write this after an episode with my helper which brought me significant stress. Basically I just want to thank Eric (the agent) for always being prompt, efficient and quick to troubleshoot. While I've heard horror stories of agents mia-ing after the deal is done, Eric was always quick to render help whenever we needed it, even 3 months post placement. He was happy to find us a replacement if the helper wasn't a good fit, and willing to listen without being pushy. Our family is going through a tough season personally, so any added stress with helper is something we cannot manage. Hence we'd like to thank Eric for shouldering that aspect so that we won't need to. I have recommended him to 2 other friends, and all are pleased with his service.

Leong family
My family hired our helper through Honest Recruiter few months ago. As this is not the first time, we engage an agency to hire a domestic helper, I would say that the staffs in the agency was all very professional and honest. They will prompt in responding to our messages and showed great empathy when we shared about our past bad experience. Special thanks to Eric who went beyond what was needed to help us when our helper had to be hospitalized and underwent surgery. He made himself available whenever needed and help us process the Insurance claim. We managed to receive our claims from the Insurance company within a short period of time. Thank you, Eric!!!

Ethan & family.
I deal with Eric, he clearly explained to me the fees involved to take a helper from Honest Recruiter. I use his quotes and walked around the mall and we evaluated that the fees and replacement policy assurance is better for peace of mind. I had since hired Fatimah through Eric and Fatimah had proven to be a gem.

Francis Chan

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